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The free encyclopedia ""UIKIPEDEIA" (Wikipedia)
After approving the Industrial Revolution, Britain has enjoyed fat profits the free trade. However, the specific gravity of the trade has decreased in the 21st beginning of the century. The ratio of the amount of importing and exporting to the external dependence of economy at the time of of 2004, that is, gross domestic product is the lowest when comparing it in European nations as well as Italy. That is, it is export 16.1%, and the import 21.3%.

Export, the import, and the manufacturing product account for 80 percent or less in each article according to International Trade Statistics Yearbook 2003 of the United Nations. It is the order of electromechanical (16.3%), the car, machines, clothes, and the medicines in export in electromechanical (15.2% and 2003) and machines, cars, the medicines, crude oil, and imports.

A regional composition of the trading partner looks like export, an import, and maximum industrialized country Germany in Europe. The ratio of importing and exporting and EU is 50 percent or more. 53.4% (2003), and in export, EU is EU52.3%, 15.1% in Asia, and 9.9% in the United States in 15.0% in the United States, 12.1% in Asia, and imports next

In classification by countries, the main export counterpart is United States (15.0% and 2003), and is Germany (10.4%), France (9.4%), Netherlands (5.8%), and Ireland (6.5%). The other party of the import country is Germany (13.5%), United States (9.9%), France (8.3%), Netherlands (6.4%), and People's Republic of China (5.1%).