Currency/Cheap British sightseeing trip

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The free encyclopedia ""UIKIPEDEIA" (Wikipedia)
As for the currency, not Euro but UK pound (GBP) is used though it is EU accession state. A supplementary unit is a penny, and one pound from 1971 is 100 pence. The pound had been used as an international settlement currency in the background of the financial strength of Britannia before the US dollar came to be used worldwide as a settlement currency before. There were a lot opposite, and the monetary union was put off by Britain though whether Britain participated in Euro that was a Europe common currency along with the European Union joining of Britain became a focus. A note original as for the commercial bank in local is issued in Scotland and Northern Ireland though Bank of England is a central bank of the United Kingdom. The note of Bank of England passes together in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the Northern Ireland note doesn't pass excluding Northern Ireland, and be also impossible the realization though can use the note of Scotland outside Scotland. Queen Elizabeth is printed in the note.